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Bee You is the place to shop for everyday deals & unique steals for ladies, gents & kids!

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Our shop started from humble beginnings in 2015 in the village of Carp and was transformed in 2018 by local entrepreneur, Jess, to Bee You Creative Styles. Our journey began in historic Carp, survived a life-changing pandemic that brought our business to markets & online, and in 2022, found our place in Sandy Hill, Ottawa. We are your local clothing store that offers so much more; a chance for you to support your community through consignment, to live the practice of shopping sustainable & local, and show that by cherishing something old you can make a difference, one piece of clothing at a time. 

What is Our Mission?


Bottom line - we are a clothing store, but between the lines it is so much more!


Bee You is not just a fun name; it's rooted in every positive reason to buy used & local. Our mascot, the humble bee, is a powerful symbol for the first step in living sustainably and working as a community. At Bee You we show you how we can all make a difference one piece of clothing at a time. 

#usedislocal   #fashionrevolution  #lovedclotheslast

#beyourself   #sustainability

About the Owner, Jess 

A California girl at heart, half Dutch and proud to have been in Canada for over 10 years now. Bee You is the creative product of my life. From a childhood filled with dance, California beaches, nature trails, living in Europe, and working with children in both dance & literacy -  to over a decade of deliciously creative work in catering & events. All coming full circle from my very first job at a boutique store in California to my latest experience at Ottawa's consignment store Clothes Encounters of a Second Time. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to turn Bee You into something great! Many thanks to my husband and two girls for their never ending support! xo 

Shop Local & Be Inspired to Always Bee You!

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Located in the heart of Sandy Hill in Ottawa, Ontario - Bee You is your destination shop for unique things at awesome prices! An experience you'll be looking forward to again and again!

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