Bee You
is proud to promote community & belonging through our charities!

Cool. But what does that mean?

In today's rush, it's all too easy to forget how important it is to shop local. This small act can seem more costly, but if you stop - for just a second - you see how it brings us all together. A stronger community of people makes us happier people. 

Our consignors and customers alike are automatically part of a cycle of giving! Reducing our impact on the environment by keeping clothes from becoming waste and reducing the horrible affects the fashion industry has on climate change. While saying no to fast fashion's cheap labour, in exchange for promoting artisans big and small who are creating things of their own. 

We proudly donate to local charities that support success for those in need; Cornerstone, Savvy Seconds West Carleton & Parkdale Food Centre. 

If you have an event that Bee You can support, contact [email protected] to see how we can help!