*Spring/Summer inventory will be accepted through May & will be subject to a strict 4 day quarantine*


Bee You has become a FULL FAMILY of clients & customers, sorry, we are not accepting new clients at this time.


Bee You Consignors >>>

No appointment needed! 
We're always looking for quality used items for ladies, gents & kids.  


~ Drop-Off by Season:

    Spring/Summer : February - May 

    SORRY, NO DROP-OFFs : June/July & December/January

    Fall/Winter : August - November

~ Up to 20 clothing items accepted per season / per drop off.

~ You will receive 40%-50%* of the sale price on your items. *Only Vintage & Designer items receive 50%.

~ New items are tagged by colour. They are full price for 1-2 months depending on their arrival. After this, the price is reduced by 25%, 50% & 75%. Rest assured that is in both our interest to fetch the best possible price. Our customers & clients are given equal opportunity to benefit! 

~ Your items have 180-210 days in the store. You have a 30 day window to PICK UP unsold items. We will make note of pick-up deadlines when you drop off your items.

~ Would you rather DONATE? Bee You is happy to donate unsold items to it's chosen local charities after 180 days have passed. *See Charity page for details. 

**Please note; your items will be priced within 1-14 days after drop-off**


*Payouts Are Suspended Until We Re-Open*


Always Bee You!

For more information call (613) 301-7314


Ask yourself, would I wear this if it fit? Examine the clothes you want to consign in a bright, well-lit space for; discoloration, missing buttons, sticky zippers, spots, holes or stains. Bee You does not accept items with these flaws. Please wash or press items, the better they look, the faster they will sell.